bringing dallas’ troubled
youth back from the brink
Even without our
help, they won’t be
troubled kids
forever. They’ll turn
into troubled adults
Letot Center volunteers transform young lives

A model for the nation since 1979.

For more than three decades, Letot Center has provided immediate assessment, crisis intervention, emergency shelter and referral services to Dallas-area youth who are in the beginning stages of delinquency. The first priority is to stop the crisis, giving the kids, their families and law enforcement an opportunity to assess the complex factors that created it.

By applying combinations of services, children and teens avoid committing delinquent offenses and entering the Juvenile Justice System. The approach is unique because, whenever possible, family members are engaged in comprehensive treatment programs supported by a network of more than 135 community-based partners.

When its doors opened in 1979, Letot Center was one of the first programs in the United States to provide multidisciplinary intervention services for youth. The Center was established through a public-private effort by the Dallas County Juvenile Department, Dallas Independent School District and the Junior League of Dallas. In 1990, $3 million in private donations funded the construction of a 40,000-square-foot, 40-bed central hub for residential shelter and non-residential services.

Today, Letot Center continues to be a national model. The largest and most comprehensive provider for youth intervention services in the United States, Letot Center has served more than 60,000 youth and their families.

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